Sunday, January 27, 2008

#86: What Gets Into People?

This is a short one so that:

a) my readers know I'm still alive;

b) I don't get my link removed from ThePensBlog for not posting in 30 days...seriously...

c) and so I can post this.

Most will find this humorous. I honestly did at a couple of moments, as well.

This is a conference call that got crashed...intended for use by the media to ask questions of certain coaches in a major basketball conference, which you may be able to gather from the names of the coaches.

The aforementioned ThePensBlog readers got on a kick of getting on John Fedko's PCNC sports talk show and dropping mentions of Gary Roberts in contexts not relevant to hockey.

I like running jokes. I thought the Fedko thing was amusing. For a while.

But I found this to be well over the line. Crashing a sports talk show is one thing. Pulling this sophomoric stunt, crashing a media conference call...especially to this degree...does not rest well with me. just loved it.

To their credit, the guys over at Awful Announcing had about the same reaction I did. The initial question, and the facetious question about Roy Hibbert got me, I have to admit, but that kind of stuff is really only for stuff like MadTV or other sketch comedy shows.

It does not surprise me to learn that folks at a Philadelphia radio station are taking credit.

Thumbs down, Philly. Again. No wonder people hate the media.


Thoughts on New England covering the double-digit Superbowl spread behind a Tom Brady who never appeared injured in the game - simply faked it so attention was taken away from some other aspect of the Patriots that Bill Belichick was trying to conceal...the Penguins finally starting to see chinks in Ty Conklin's armor as he continually has to make 30+ saves per game...hobnobbing with Pirate media folks and actually shaking the hand of one Bob Nutting himself...all coming in what I hope will be a short while.

Keep the faith...and please stick to the seven digit numbers you're used to.

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Lately it's only been the folks from a foreign country wanting me to go into a multi-million dollar business with them)