Saturday, May 05, 2012

#255: The End. For Now.

---SSL Broadcast #92---

In the banner at the top of this blog, there is the tagline "Pittsburgh-based Sports talk & analysis that leaves the conflict on the field."

I have tried to carry that message in my blog posts and my radio shows, occasionally failing when it came to certain topic (nobody's perfect).

Still, as I wrap up the radio version of my brainchild, at least for now, I feel that I have done justice to my personal mission. I did my best to make sure that my opinions were well thought out, especially the ones where I took a stronger than average stand. And I don't recall a single instance where I said something contrary, argumentative, or controversial for its own sake.

Talk radio, and especially sports talk radio, should be a venue where all feel welcome. Where ideas, not people, are built up and torn down. Where a host can responsibly respect even the most differing of opinions without going into the all-too-cliched, "You're an idiot" rant.

Today's broadcast will probably seem a little self-centered, as it was the final show and I provided a platform for any followers I had to wish me well as I leave WMBS after 6.5 years. Still, I made sure to start off with the sports, at least.

Sports topics discussed on the final SSL on WMBS:

- Steeler 2012 draft may be the best of the Tomlin era.

- Pirates are scoring now, but now the pitching isn't holding up.

- Power can't beat anyone not called "The Orlando Predators."

- A little bit of Stanley Cup playoffs.



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