Saturday, February 04, 2012

#241: Giants Fan for a(nother) Day

---SSL Broadcast #79---

My elation at Plaxico Burress catching the game-winning touchdown pass from Eli Manning is surpassed only by Santonio Holmes' toe-tap the following year.

Pittsburgh folk generally don't cheer on teams from the Big Apple. Pittsburgh fans generally have no warm feelings for the overspending Yankees or the former NL East rival Mets. The Rangers and Islanders also don't induce warm and fuzzy feelings. The best thing about the Jets is western PA native Joe Namath.

But the bulk of Steeler Nation, for reasons that have been enumerated on this blog, are cheering for Eli Manning to surpass big brother Peyton and grab a second championship ring. Mainly because a Giants victory would come at the expense of the hated New England Patriots.

Despite having sub-standard defensive statistics, the Patriots are about a field goal favorite to win their 4th Super Bowl, all under the Belichick/Brady era. The three previous championships, however, will forever be underneath the shroud of Spygate. We will never know how much videotaping the opposing team's signals affected those seasons and Super Bowls.

If anything, here's hoping that karma -insofar as on-the-field success- continues to bite the legacy of the Patriot organization all the way up the chain to owner Bob Kraft.

That said, listen to this week's show to find out who I pick to win it all.

On the most recent show:

- Super Bowl thoughts with producer Jerome Shell.

- Pens and Steelers representatives all contribute in their respective All-Star games.

- Pirates sign a couple of relief pitchers, which is par for the Pirates' course.

- Panthers roaring back, but likely not enough to make the field of 68.

- Will I finish the year with a winning record on NFL picks courtesy of the Big Game for the second straight year? (21-22-1 entering the game).



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