Saturday, December 24, 2011

#235: All I Want for Christmas 2011

---SSL Broadcast #73---

I'll admit, my list is a pretty tall order this year.

For the Steelers:

- 1 Healthy Franchise Quarterback for the playoff run
- 2 More Regular season Wins
- 1 Baltimore Ravens loss
- 1 New England Patriots loss
- 0 more injuries/suspensions to key players

Failing all that - I'll settle for one New England Patriots playoff loss

For the Penguins:

- 1 Healthy, resilient and symptom-free Captain
- 1 conistent "franchise" goalie, esp. vs. Cup-contenders

For the Pirates:

- (I ask for this every year) An ownership group that recognizes that money needs to be spent on quality starting pitching, then acts on that when the players are available, overpaying if necessary.

For the Pitt Panthers:

- Stability at the head coaching position, and failing that, instability at the athletic director position

For the West Virginia Mountaineers:

- A convicing win against the Clemson Tigers in the Orange Bowl

For myself:

- The ability to correctly pick NFL games against the spread with high consistency.

Also on today's show:

- Steelers miss out on a chance to control their own destiny

- Penguins on a 3-game roll entering the Christmas break

- Pitt gets its 4th head coach in the last year and a half.

- Yet another 1-1 week on myNFL Picks (14-15-1 overall).



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