Saturday, October 22, 2011

#226: Raw Deal (for Oakland)

---SSL Broadcast #64---

I thought that with the passing of longtime Oakland Radiers owner Al Davis a couple of weeks ago that his team would begin to emerge from the morrass of a decade of futility.

Apparently, Davis is busy continuing to curse the team from the grave.

The Raiders - who are a very game 4-2 so far this year - completed a trade this week with Cincinnati for overrated quarterback Carson Palmer, who has voluntarily stayed off the field and away from the black and orange until he was traded.

Some feel that the trade was warranted due to the recent injury to starting quarterback Jason Campbell, who will be out of action for a minimum of six weeks. Kyle Boller (he of the rocket arm strength, but drunken stupor accuracy) is the backup. Given that, picking up a disgruntled quarterback who is not being used (and whose team was doing just fine without him, thankyouverymuch) seemed to be sensible.

Potentially giving up two first round picks in the next two years to take a former first round pick who has never won a postseason game, shies away from hits, and has a very average 7.1 yards per pass attempt average (with weapons like Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Chris Henry, and Terrell Owens) is what makes the move asinine.
I would think that Raider Nation would have been excited by the prospect of having a first round draft choice that didn't make them want to throw a brick through their televisions. It appears that, even in the post-Davis era, the Oakland faithful will have to wait for that day and suffer the frustrations of California's native son that fans in southwest Ohio have had to endure for nearly a decade prior.

On today's show:

- Pitt "high octane" bottoms out after 26-14 loss to Utah.

- Steelers narrowly avoid one let down, now must try to avoid another in the week leading up to a showdown with the Patriots.

- Gerritt Cole gets his first win as a professional pitcher.

- Mike once again goes 1-1 in his NFL picks (5-7 overall). His World Series winner stays alive, though his projected National League opponent was eliminated.



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