Monday, September 26, 2011

#222: Scorecasting

---SSL Broadcast #60---

This is going to seem like a shameless plug.

And it is.  Only it's not for anything I've done.

I encourage everyone to go out and either buy or go to the library and check out the book "Scorecasting."

It's bloody awesome.  It puts to the task many of the held truisms of sports and does a fair job of debunking some of them.  Listen to the first fifteen minutes of the show and my interview with co-author L. Jon Wertheim.  We just scratch the surface, but if you're not intrigued by this book, maybe you're not really interested in sports.

Oh, and enjoy the technical difficulties at the very front end.  I know I did...

Also on the show:

- Despite historic collapse for a one-time first place team, Pirates have first 70+ win season in 7 years.

- Penguins look good so far in preseason.

- Pitt D once again the problem in loss to Iowa.

- Steeler fans should be worried about undermann(ing)ed Indianapolis. Jonathan Scott vs. Dwight Freeney is the main reason why.



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