Saturday, August 27, 2011

#218: Head First

---SSL Broadcast #56---

This is going to be a short header this week. If you listen to the show, it's evident that my new contact lens prescription is making me unfocused.

I want to bring up Sidney Crosby and the concussion thing.

If #87 doesn't play another game in his life because he's concerned about being reduced to a drooling half-vegetable by one of the several players in the league looking to level him, I'm fine with it.

You couldn't pay me enough to trade away my mobility, agility, and general functionality. I'd rather struggle through three minimum-wage jobs at full capacity than live life in a fog, living off millions I'd earned in my youth.

There are "fans" out there starting to grumble that he's weak or a coward or something worse.

It seems that sports is beginning to evolve from less of a variety of chest-beating contests into more a thinker's/strategist's arena, where you proceed only after examining all the factors.

Of course, the trade off seems to be that the fans now engage in chest-beating contests instead.

In today's show:

- One caller brings up a couple points on NCAA Football conference realignment

- Steelers getting set for the most important preseason game for the starters

- Ronny Cedeno going head first into first base is not irrational or necessarily counter productive in the big picture.



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