Saturday, June 04, 2011

#207: To B (as in "Boras") or Not To B

---SSL Broadcast #44---

The Pirates are not an embarrassment to talk about this year, but they're also not the most interesting thing to Pittsburgh sports fans. They might get closer, though as the weekend runs down. They have a chance to sweep the Philadelphia Phillies and get back to .500, and then on Monday they have the first overall draft pick of 2011. Will they go with my preferred pick, Gerrit Cole? Or will they avoid Scott Boras altogether and go with who I think they'll pick, Danny Huetzel?

We'll know soon enough.

This week's show -

- Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports joins us to talk about NFL rule changes and how they might impact the Steelers, and also how the lockout situation is progressing (or not).

- Talk about the MLB draft, and the pros and cons of going pitcher or hitter.

- The Pittsburgh Power win a shootout in Dallas before taking on Cleveland for first place in the division.

- Sidney Crosby is cleared for off-season workouts.



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