Saturday, May 28, 2011

#205: Stood Up

---SSL Broadcast #43---

Ok. The End of Days did not occur last Saturday. One of our callers last week guaranteed that it wouldn't, so we thank her for her steady reassurance.

She was not able to predict (or, at least I didn't ask her about) whether a scheduled guest would make an appearance. Ah, well. Those national writers are busy. And sometimes they "space." We'll try again to get Jason Cole from Yahoo! Sports next week to talk about the new NFL rules, what they mean for the Steelers, and also try to discern any additional insight he has into the NFL lockout situation.

This week's show -

- Will the NFL's new rules and definition of "defenseless receiver" alter the way the Steelers play, or will it galvanize them?

- Thoughts on the Stanley Cup Final, NBA Finals and a "thought" on the Indianapolis 500.

- Pittsburgh Power begin 2nd half of season vs. the OTHER expansion AFL franchise.

- Pirates batting McCutchen anywhere but leadoff is a disservice to the team. He's not a 3-hole hitter. And, also, trade Ryan Doumit before he completely returns to form.



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