Saturday, April 23, 2011

#198: Do You Feel a Draft?

---SSL Broadcast #38---

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First, I apologize for having no recording last week. We had a power outage hit the station with about 3 seconds left on my intro, and we had to run on auxiliary power, which took about 8 minutes to get up and running. The auxiliary power only gets the soundboard up and microphone up and running, but not the CD recorder. There was a show, but it was fairly rushed and haphazard, so, if you weren't listening live (over the air, because the internet feed was down, too), you didn't miss much.

What else is new?

This week's show -

- The Pirates, despite a quasi-encouraging start, are doing no better or worse on average than all the other Pirate teams from 1993 and onward.

- I tried to avoid talking about the NFL draft for a number of reasons, but decided at the last minute I should opine about which way the Steelers should go.

- The Penguins can wrap up their first round series with a Game 5 victory Saturday afternoon.

- Snippits from the Power and the Pitt Panthers basketball program, and the weekly rundown.



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