Saturday, April 09, 2011

#196: Down with the Sickness

---SSL Broadcast #36---

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It took 36 weeks, but I finally forgot to start recording my show at the very top and didn't notice until I was nearly through the first commercial break. As such, the only segment of the show that I would have considered "quality" is lost to the ages. The good news is that you don't have to listen to me as long this week.

I've also been wrestling with an upper respiratory infection all damn week.

That said, there's a pretty good ramble on how hard this NHL Postseason is going to be to call. I plan to do my annual "Shots on Goal Differential" playoff breakdown here on this blog by Sunday evening or Monday afternoon at the latest. This year, we'll try to see if we can find a way to determine which goalie(s) will become "hot."

Other topics on the latest show:

- Pirates are 5-3 to start 2011. Believe it or not, they were 4-4 eight games in the past two seasons. Still, there is a statistical instability that indicates the pitching staff is about to fall apart.

- Some NCAA tournament talk. One part that didn't get recorded was me bragging up predicting Connecticut to win it all from the outset of the tournament, but pretty much going .500 in my bracket. The bragging...and the not recording... karma in advance?

- Power player in trouble with the law.

- Are we still talking about the NFL?



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