Saturday, February 05, 2011

#186: Game On

---SSL Broadcast #27---

It all comes down to one game. At least for this year. Before I go into this week's broadcast...

I received an e-mail this week from a group that produces Bhangra-style music (region of India). They're called BlackMahal and they produced a video for a song called "Black, Gold, and Silver". I presume the "silver" represents the Lombardi trophy. The music is not for all tastes (I enjoy it, personally), but the video... Oh, it's worth it just to see the video footage of the late Myron Cope in the M.C. Hammer pants. Double Yoi.

Now, to this week's show. What could it possibly be about?

- Steelers and Packers, for all the marbles.

- Quickies with Pitt, WVU, Pirates and Penguins.

- Plentiful phone calls and a few caller predictions.

- The last NFL Pick. I am honestly surprised how many people have asked me in advance for my pick. I didn't know I was that popular, especially after a 22-22 record on the air for the season (including playoffs) for the year (pretty pathetic, in my opinion). So, just one pick to finish the year a winner. One pick to rule them all, one pick to find them... Uhm... Never mind...



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