Thursday, December 23, 2010

#180: Weekly Picks

---In Absentia---

Since there is no "Steeltown Sports: Live" broadcast this week, I have to make the picks so that, no matter how horrendous my picks have been this year.

No analysis needed here. Steelers should annihilate Carolina if they are to have any hope of being a Super Bowl contender. Otherwise, they'll be one-and-done.

Steelers -14.5

(edit Sunday 12/26/10 @ 8:45PM)

Oops. Totally forgot about this until now. Just as well, I probably would have missed the pick as I had another bad one. That just pigeon-holes me into the Monday night or Tuesday night game.

I don't trust games played in wind or snow insofar as spread is concerned. Throw in the extra wrinkle that Philadelphia has clinched the NFC East and they might be motivated for trying to get a first round bye, but even against this vastly underachieving Minnesota Vikings team, a 13.5 point spread is something I don't want to mess with.

The other game isn't much clearer. Atlanta is not statistically sound enough to be 12-2. Meanwhile, New Orleans has been a little worse. No Super Bowl hangover here, that's for sure.

When push comes to shove, the stats SHOULD even out. Even Falcons fans should be cheering to lose, because without coming back to Earth a little bit, Atlanta will be ripe for a divisional round exit.

Saints +2.5



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