Saturday, December 18, 2010

#179: SSL Broadcast #22

---Auld Lang Syne---

The final "Steeltown Sports: Live" of 2010 features:

- Steelers in some trouble with Troy Polamalu potentially being out for the remainder of the season and the offensive line being the worst in the league.

- Special guest Dutch Wydo joins in.

- NFL Picks of the Week. The Steeler picks are 6-8 entering after they covered -8.5points, thanks to two pick-sixes (as a Steeler fan, I'll take a win by any amount, but the picks are hemmoraging) and POTW 7-7 after the Eagles won...but not by the 4 points needed for the cover. This is my worst year EVER picking NFL games...both spread and straigh up...

- Next week, I plan to post my thoughts for the week here in blog form, as well as my Week 16 NFL picks, as there will be no SSL program due to Christmas.



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