Saturday, December 11, 2010

#178: Dec 11 Weeklies

---SSL #21, and WTFotW---

First, the archived broadcast from this Saturday. I did not make predictions this week on the air (ran out of time). The weekly picks will made exclusively here, and will count (for better or for worse) toward the final standings.

The show topics include:

- Steelers in the drivers seat in AFC North, but at a price. They must also watch out in the ultimate trap game.

- Pirates have made ZERO progress, as expected.

- Penguins, Pitt, and even a little boxing.

- NFL Picks of the Week. The Steeler picks are 6-7 entering after they covered +2.5 (even though I predicted they would lose by 1 or it's still a win) and POTW 7-6 after the Bears were unable to cover 5.5 they were given vs. Detroit.

THIS WEEK'S PICKS, exclusive to the blog.

Steelers: Steelers will not cover the 9.5 points they are favored by. Weather will play a factor, and I'm not convinced that the Steelers aren't looking ahead to the Jets next week. Cincy will keep it close in a low-scoring affair.

Rest of the NFL: Eagles -3.5 at Dallas. Always risky to make a picks of a divisional road favorite, but this looks like a bad matchup for Big D. (also considered taking Bears +3, Washington PK, and Rams +9.5). Have a hard time believing in any of those 3 teams right now, though).

Now, to the final What the @*#$ of the Week. This short-lived feature will be retired.

Big Ben puts forth a gargantuan effort, playing through a foot injury and suffering a broken nose. The nose was shattered to the point where a doctor said that the bones "looked like corn flakes."

Initially, they told sideline reporters that the nose wasn't broken. Yeah, right.



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