Saturday, December 04, 2010

#177: Dec 4 Weeklies

---SSL #20, and WTFotW---

First, the archived broadcast from this Saturday.

The show topics include:

- James Harrison is running out of ways to attack the opposing QB.

- Sidney Crosby has caught fire as the Pens go for their 9th win in a row.

- Steelers at a disadvantage vs. Baltimore.

- NFL Picks of the Week. The Steeler picks are now 5-7 after they fail to cover the spread against Buffalo (4-7 vs. Steeler spreads, due to the 1 pick I made in their stead during the bye week) and POTW 6-6 after the Seahawks fail to deliver on the "light home underdog" trend.

Now, to the What the @*#$ of the Week:

You may have heard of this before.

"Every spring, the citizens of Gloucestershire throw a wheel of cheese down Cooper Hill and chase after it. The winner of the race gets to keep the cheese. Due to hill’s steepness, the wheel can reach speeds up to 70mph, injuring many racers along the way. Safety concerns like this led the 2010 race to be cancelled."

I'm surprised Wisconsin didn't think of it first.



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