Saturday, November 27, 2010

#176: Nov 27 Weeklies

---SSL #19, and WTFotW---

First, the archived broadcast from this Saturday.

The show topics include:

- Pitt meltdown in "Backyard Maul" could lead to Dave Wannestedt's ouster.

- Pirates say goodbye to a long-time player (relatively speaking).

- Pens surging now because of their goalie.

- Steelers still not looking very quality, despite big win vs. Oakland.

- NFL Picks of the Week. Again, the Steeler picks are now 5-6 after covering 7 (and then some vs. Oakland) and POTW 6-5 after the Browns fail to hold a late road lead. Seriously, how many wins can the Jaguars manage with the worst Yards Per Play differential in the league?

Now, to the What the @*#$ of the Week:

Two of the recent WTFs have been centered around women's tennis. Well, apparently, there's another women's sport (and there's a men's division, too) that's off the wall. Or off the shoe.

Meet: Toe Wrestling

I wonder if they could popularize this in the waiting areas of spas or nail salons...



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