Sunday, November 21, 2010

#175: More Weeklies

---SSL #18, and WTFotW---

It's probably more efficient to combine these two elements into one post. Warning: The WTFotW is tennis-related again.

This past week's show topics include:

- Steelers perform complete meltdown vs. Patriots. Who's to blame? The callers come out with some good theories.

- Pens hitting a hot streak, their goaltender is hitting an inconsistent streak, but that's an improvement.

- A quickie re: both Pitt men's programs playing now.

- The weekly Rundown segment.

- NFL Picks of the Week. Entering the week, the Steeler picks are 5-5 after the Steelers failed to win, let alone cover (and because my Baltimore pick in Week 5 was subbing for the Steeler bye) and 6-4 on the Pick of the Week as the Broncos won outright. By a bunch. Posting this one day late, I'll clue you in that the Steeler picks are now 5-6 after covering 7 (and then some vs. Oakland) and POTW 6-5 after the Browns fail to hold a late road lead. Seriously, how many wins can the Jaguars manage with the worst Yards Per Play differential in the league?

Now, to the What the @*#$ of the Week:

My favorite women's tennis player (and current world #1) Caroline Wozniacki played a charity match in Belarus against Victoria Azarenka in the latter's home nation of Belarus to benefit underprivileged children. Even the Belorussian president got in on the act. Wozniacki pulled out all the stops.

Not quite as strange as a couple weeks ago at the WTA Championships, though.

Yeah, she's hot, all right...



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