Tuesday, November 16, 2010

#174: Belated Weeklies

---SSL #17, and WTFotW---

I'm combining last week's show and the WTF of the Week into one post. I was off in the Chicago area last week and wasn't able to post.

This week's show topics include:

- Steelers needed every single Cincinnati miscue to pull out a Monday Night Win.

- Fleury did his job vs. Tampa, but his defense made it easier. We need to see it again. And again.

- Big East should lose its automatic berth. It's a sad football conference.

- NFL Picks of the Week. Entering the week, my Steeler picks are 5-4 after the Steelers covered the spread (by 1) against the Bungles (and because my Baltimore pick in Week 5 was subbing for the Steeler bye) and 5-4 on the Pick of the Week as Baltimore took it too the Dolphins.

Now, to the other feature here at the blog (What the @*#$ of the Week), Manny Pacqiao, probably the greatest pound-for-pound boxer the world has ever seen, destroyed Antonio Margarito in a Saturday night bout. Margarito was apparently going for the Rocky special, trying to go the distance with Pacquiao, having his face transformed into ground beef in the process.

Now, it's being said that Margarito's right orbital is broken, and he might not be able to fight again. Margarito did get his wish, though, and went all 12 with his conqueror.

I hope, for his sake, that it was worth it...even though it was obvious that Pacquiao let up in the later rounds.

There is actually a pretty decent-looking guy under that mask...




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