Saturday, August 21, 2010

#161: Fifth Broadcast

---SSL: August 21, 2010---

Relive the fifth broadcast since the rebirth of "Steeltown Sports: Live!"

Gonna give myself some props here, though. Over two months ago, I made a prediction at the end of an entry as to when the Pirates would lose #82. I was a day early.

Now, the only "relevant" questions with the current Pirates team are:

Will the hitting significantly improve on its own as the young hitters grow together, or will only a new hitting coach do that trick?

Is RHP James McDonald the real deal, or is it just a case of the league needing to get more of a scouting report on him?

Will the Pirates hit more than 3 multi-run home runs during the season's remainder?

How long will it be before 2010 draftees Jameson Taillon and Stetson Allie make it to the mothership, and will they be as good as advertised?

Other than that, it's really hard to pay attention.

In the meantime, I'll venture a guess at when the Bucs will lose their 100th:

September 23, at home against the Cardinals.

Now, to the broadcast -



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