Sunday, January 24, 2010

#141: Pirates on Radio

---Pirates Q & A (Part 2)---

For the second straight year, I am scheduled to interview some of the members of the Pittsburgh Pirates and its broadcast team.

Scheduled to be in studio on Monday (tomorrow) at 3:15PM EST (but in an undetermined order):

Broadcasters Greg Brown and Bob Walk

Skipper John Russell

Outfielder Andrew McCutchen

Pitchers Kevin Hart and Evan Meek

If you would like me to ask a question to any of these guys, leave a comment or shoot me an e-mail at

I'd encourage all the questions about "how do you deal with Pirates upper management?" or "what's it like knowing you'll never win for your cheapskate owner?", but as WMBS is an affiliate, I don't think I can be that blunt and retain my job.

You will be able to listen live at this link.

Again, Monday at about 3:15PM Eastern.


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