Monday, August 31, 2009

#129: NFL Preview Show on WMBS

---Four Years and Counting---

Join me (along with Jerome Shell and Saturday Morning Sports Talk host Dutch Wydo) for the 4th Annual WMBS NFL Roundtable Preview Show.

On the air: 590AM, Thursday, September 3rd, from approximately 5:15PM until 7PM Eastern (just before the Steelers' final preseason game).

Streaming on the internet: (courtesy of

Last year, we had predictions from the ridiculous (Steelers 5-11, because the O-line will fail and Ben will be hurt), to the spot-on (Ravens will be Steelers toughest competition, not Browns), to the "seemed ludicrous then, but by seasons end was a distinct possibility" (Carolina Panthers vs. Tennessee Titans in the All Ugly Uniform Super Bowl)

Entire NFL in two hours. I think it can be done. But it may be run more like Pardon the Interruption, instead of a laundry list of divisions, going team-by-team as its been in years past.

Because of that tight framework, there will be no time for call-ins, but you can leave feedback here, or you can call into Mr. Wydo's "Saturday Morning Sports Talk" show which airs Saturday morning (obviously) between 9AM and 10AM Eastern.

In any event, this show HAS to be better than listening to Ellis Cannon on the Steelers radio network pre-game show...


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