Wednesday, May 06, 2009

#120: SM on TV

---Rizzo Sports Weekly---

This blog has become too low-budget for me to actually find and insert a "camera" icon in the title. We'll just say the "Microphone" represents "media-related stuff".

On Tuesday, el Cinco de Mayo, I had the pleasure of being a guest on "Rizzo Sports Weekly", a program that airs on local television in the Kittanning area.

The host, Mike Rizzo, is a fellow blogger (see links on the right) and media personality who invited me to appear on his program, almost seemingly on a whim. I accepted in like manner.

We talked about the predicament of the Penguins as well as the NHL playoffs in general, the reality of the 2009 Pittsburgh Pirates (and beyond), a little bit about the Steelers' draft selection and subsequent status, and a very little bit about WPIAL football perhaps expanding to six classifications.

The below is the result.

Feel free to comment, but no need to point out that I look like I'm doped up on something.


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