Tuesday, April 07, 2009

#117: With Low Expectations Comes...

---No Benefit of Doubt---

Theatre of the Mindless...

The Scene: Cubicle in an office. The phone rings. A nineteen-year old INTERN picks up.

INTERN: Yahoo! Sports newsdesk.

BUSCH STADIUM: Yes, we're calling to confirm the final score of today's Pirates/Cardinals game.

INTERN (bored beyond belief at unpaid internship): Ok. Cardinals....?

BUSCH STADIUM: Six, Four, Pirates

INTERN (briefly fixated on a picture of some supermodel on his wall calendar): Got it. Cardinals Six, Four Pirates. Thanks.


INTERN hangs up phone.

The result:

This is the reason to love the Pittsburgh Pirates. People automatically assume they're going to lose every single game and laze off. They can't lose 82 soon enough. And you wonder what kind of a game/week/season they would have to put together to get that photo spot where CC Sabathia is in the example above. Or at least have their story be first on the news feed on the far right. For even an hour.

Game 2 tonight.

Bucs are guaranteed of not having a losing record until at least Wednesday night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is just cruel.


4/08/2009 2:48 PM  

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