Monday, January 26, 2009

#112: Audio from Pirates Caravan

---Three Audio Clips---

That wasn't so bad...

First, I do want to thank "The Chief" from The Chief's Forum for his question. It was a good one, but there was really no one there to whom I could have asked it.

Also, thanks to Pat Lackey at WHYGAVS for a little back-and-forth chat I had with him.

The interviews didn't go too badly except for the last one. For some reason I couldn't get much out of Nyjer Morgan and Jeff Karstens. Probably because I wasn't as well-prepared as I could have been.

For now, enjoy my conversations with, firstly, Pirate broadcasters Steve Blass and Greg Brown, and secondly, Pirate hitting coach Don Long, and prospect Neil Walker.

Blass & Brown: (15 min)

Long & Walker: (11 min, 40 sec)

(added 1/28/09)
Morgan & Karstens: (10 min, 47 sec)


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