Sunday, January 25, 2009

#111: SM to interview Pirate Caravan

---Caravan Comes to Uniontown---

Monday, January 26, 2008 beginning at 1PM EST.

Nyjer Morgan, Jeff Karstens, Neil Walker, Don Long, Steve Blass and Greg Brown are scheduled to drop by WMBS radio (590 AM, Uniontown) for at least a half hour, perhaps more, for a quick on-air Q & A session on the program "Let's Talk".

My boss has given me the green light to fill in as host for the segment, perhaps for the entirety of the 1PM-3PM talk block, regardless of whether the Pirates stay long or not.

There is a high likelihood that call-ins will not be taken during that time.

With as many as six representatives from the club dropping by to visit, I may be able to fill the time with a couple questions for each person.

I will try to throw at least one softball question to each (more of a "let's get to know you a little bit" gesture).

Then maybe, just maybe, a question that might not be all perfume and roses (more like [and I may not use this specific one], "Mr. Morgan, you'll be 29 this summer. Do you think your best playing days are still ahead?").

What I'd like is to get some questions Pirate fans might want to ask these individuals.

If you'd be so kind, please leave a comment indicating what question(s) you'd like to hear asked, and who you'd like them addressed to:

I.E. - Don Long: If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?

(Don't really ask that question.)

Just a couple of "ground rules" for questions to be considered -

1) Don't be a jerk ("Hey, Jeff Karstens, after that near no-hitter in Arizona, why did you completely fall apart?")

2) Try not to mention the absence of players (like Bay or Nady). I will likely ask a question or two on how they think that will affect the makeup of the team out of spring training, and I don't want to beat the proverbial dead horse.

Everything else should be ok. I can't promise that the questions will be asked, either, as time may be a constraint, but it's always good to go into one of these with more questions than not enough. And what questions would interest me may not be ones you would be interested in hearing.

And, you can listen to the station online if you're not in a place to pick it up over the airwaves.

Click here, then click the "listen" button toward the top of the page.

Again, Monday, January 26th, starting just after the 1PM newscast.

I will try to post the audio within this entry sometime this week.


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How much do you feel the current economic situation in this country is affecting baseball and do you think that in light of the $1/2 billion spent by the Yankees, should a salary cap AT LEAST be talked about in the near future?

(Keep in mind that you are people bringing in at least $200,000 a year being represented by a union to those of us struggling at $40-50k a year with no representation!)

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