Sunday, November 02, 2008

#106: Got My Wish

---Cubs Do Not Win World Series---

And, as a bonus, I didn't have to suffer through watching the Tampa Bay Rays win it all, either.

I'm still in that phase where I don't want to see a ne'er-do-well franchise (like the Rays, Royals or Rangers) have postseason success until the Pirates are in that boat.

That probably won't happen in my lifetime.

So, that said, congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies, and my old college roommate Justin who lives and breathes Philly Maroon.


Also, Karri, one of these days I'll find a bit more time to sit down and give some breakdowns on the Penguins new season, with regards to Shots on Goal Differential and things like that.

Right now, all I can say is that they may be missing Malone and Ruutu more than they're missing Gonchar and Whitney.


I predicted the Steelers would go 5-11 this year. Right now, they'd have to lose the rest of their games to do that (they're doing much better than I expected), but the team is still not good. If not for the defense, this season would be very ugly.


Special thanks to ThePensBlog for not deleting me from their blogroll, even though I went a couple days past their deadline.


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