Sunday, September 09, 2007

#79: 2007 NFL Preview

First of all, thanks to those of you who listened this past Thursday to our abbreviated NFL Preview show. We had hoped to have almost another full hour so that we could have opened it up to phone calls. Maybe next year.

Here's the audio:

Right click to download, if you wish...

My projected final standings and playoff teams:

And you can click here to see the full-length text version explaining my rationale, or just plain ol' gut feeling.

Then talk about how dumb I am and how I don't know football in the comments. Of course, if you do that, or bites down on the sarcasm and types: "wow, what a preview", you might want to back up why you feel that way.

(I am going to try to make things a bit more easy on the eye, but I needed to get this up before 1PM kickoff)


Blogger karri said...

Thanks for the audio feed from your show. It was interesting listening to the three of you discuss the upcoming NFL season for the AFC. I tend to agree with you Mike on your picks and also with Jerome, with a few exceptions.

...I have to root for the Steelers to lead the AFC North...I love to start the season optimistic...NO WAY New England/Super Bowl...and forget the Eagles!

Additionally...I like the graphics in the post.

Lastly...It would just figure that the Pirates lose game 81 on the, they'll lose game 82 on the 12th, just like you predicted...I wouldn't be surprised!


9/12/2007 1:09 AM  
Anonymous emma said...

I listened, and didn't understand a word of it but it all sounded very good and knowledgeable!

Also karri, what's up girl? Long time no chat.

9/14/2007 8:13 PM  
Blogger karri said...

Ok...the Pirates won again...what is going on?

81 losses and holding...Mike, Emma still may win. :)

And Emma...I got a new job...3-11 mostly, which means I have no life and have been doubling out...17 straight...too many times, like today. So, I hope all is goin' good for you. :)

9/15/2007 1:58 AM  

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