Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday, March 31, 2007

---Today's Broadcast---

So, I finally returned from the Caribbean cruise with my family last night to remember that I had yet to get a guest for my next broadcast.

In less than 20 hours.

Greg Brown to the rescue!

The first two segments are my talk with Mr. Brown, first a bit about behind the scenes on the Pirates Radio Network, followed by his opinions on what the 2007 season holds.

The third segment was a couple of phone in calls and a quick wrap toward the end about the Penguins seemingly destined to draw Ottawa in the first round. And a quick hit on WVU's NIT victory.

Greg Brown 1:

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Greg Brown 2:

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Mike Rambles:

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Anonymous karri said...

Mike...I can't open your links to the interview with Greg Brown 1 or 2, nor your ramble... ;)

What am I doing wrong???

4/01/2007 11:05 AM  
Anonymous karri said...

Mike...finally able to listen to your 3 mini-podcasts. Interesting comments from Greg Brown, the callers, and your wrap-up about the Pens. I have to agree with you on the Pens ending up in 4th or 5th place. They have a much tougher 3 games to play than NJ. However, you never know how the Flyers and NYI will play against NJ.

As far as the Pirates are concerned, I'm hoping that they have a better season than they did last year. How could it be worse...hopefully less 1 run game losses. I counted 30 Pirates loses where they lost by one run. A really frustrating stat.

Go Pens!

4/01/2007 10:07 PM  

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