Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday, March 24, 2007

-- Today's Broadcast. (Also taking suggestions for next week's broadcast...)

-- Steeltown's Angels.

---Next Broadcast---

Special thanks are due to Pat Lackey of Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke? for joining me this afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and we probably talked about all of the important points we could have considering how much Spring Training means.

The audio is below, but beware, somewhere just after the 10 minute mark, the CD burner at the station mysteriously stopped recording. So, to bridge the gap (where we miss what was said about Paul Maholm pitching well when he's had the chance, and the introduction to the topic of Sean Burnett), I inserted a rather loud sound effect pulled from one of my favorite video games, ever.

But the beginning of the broadcast is my thoughts on a couple of the items that have happened with the other Pittsburgh sports before getting to the Bucs. Consider it kind of like an audio blog/mini-podcast.

Right click to download, if you wish... (File is 4.8MB)

Also, I have found that I have an hour-long show coming up next week, on March 31st from noon until 1PM. Who would you like to hear me have on? If you want to throw out a big name athlete, go ahead, but I can't promise anything there. Mainly because next week I'll be on a Caribbean cruise with my family (celebrating a milestone anniversary for my parents). I'm leaving very early Monday, returning very late Friday, so setting up a guest of great renown would take more than a bit of luck. Still, I'd be interested to hear what you have to say. And if I can't get them now, maybe I'll be able to the next time I am graced with some air time.

---Steeltown's Angels---

I'm sure I'm infringing on a copyright somewhere, but I should be safe as long as I'm not making any money off of it.

Apparently, I'm a sports-blogging playa (slang for "player", not Spanish for "beach"). This part of the entry is largely for Karri, Tiffany, and Nicole. Thank you for bringing the comment section to life. You have been officially dubbed "Steeltown's Angels."

Go off and boast to all your friends.

(Which one of yinz is the blonde, the redhead, and the brunette?)


Anonymous ♥tiffany♥ said...

Hey Playa!!
Hahaha....well, I'm a light brunette with some auburn highlights (no, it's not dyed). So if the other "Steeltown's Angels" aren't red heads or brunettes, then maybe my hair color could count for 2 outta 3. *ٮ*

3/24/2007 10:56 PM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

Hi Mike
Your post is about baseball...ahh...I guess I should've know that from who you had as a guest "Pat Lackey of Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke?" - Not really into baseball (hockey fan). But..."Steeltown's Angels" Cute! Well...I'm blonde...not fake! Kind of a dirty blonde color. So, between Tiffany and I, I believe that's covered. Don't know about Karri.
Next post...Mario perhaps... :)

3/25/2007 7:25 AM  
Anonymous karri said...

Hey Mike,
Ok...let's get this out of the hair color is a dark (very dark) brown, almost black. I don't know how you managed it...but you seem to have gotten your blonde, redhead, and brunette. Unbelievable! Too funny!
Now to your show and the post…thanks for the heads-up on the recording malfunction and the video game sound effect. (haha) Wow, you and Pat Lackey had a great 20 minute discussion. I liked the breakdown of pitching, who’ll make the starting lineup, 2nd and 3rd base possibilities, and what we can expect in power hitting and from whom or is that who? (I have trouble with that one.)
Every spring I try to get excited about the Bucs. Last year I made it to the AllStar Game before I gave up. Ahhhh…they frustrate me so! Why can’t Kevin McClatchy or Robert Nutting and his Seven Springs fam do something about the development of this team. I’ll start following them again this season, I know it, and then I’ll regret it. I’m one of those optimistic/pessimistic types. Oh well.
But Mike…how about the Pens! What a weekend for them. Well…have fun on your cruise. I’m with Nicole on the getting Mario as a guest. He’s not doing anything right now. ;) Take care, as Tiffany says: “Playa”

3/25/2007 7:31 PM  
Anonymous nicole said...

Hi Mike, been thinking about your question as to a guest, if you can't get Mario. lol.
I read Karri's comment and since I'm only into the Pens right now, because they are playing (really great, too), and I don't like following spring training camp, maybe you could get Kevin McClatchy as a guest. What do you think?
BTW, Nice job on the interview/discussion with Pat Lackey. I'd like to know from McClatchy how he expects to keep us fans excited about the Pirates if they are going to be as lousy as they were last year. At least with the Pens, we didn't have high expectations for the team this year and look what they've done.

3/26/2007 5:03 PM  
Anonymous karri said...

I do believe "the blonde" [ no disrespect meant ;) ] may be on to something here. hmmmmmm...Kevin McClatchy as a guest. Of course that is if Mario can't make it.

It would be nice if McClatchy could do some explaining....I have heard, unfortunately, too many years of excuses.

3/26/2007 6:20 PM  
Anonymous karri said...

Mike...wuz up?

Working on your post?

Waiting patiently. :)

3/31/2007 10:14 PM  

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