Friday, September 01, 2006

Blug #1

That's a hybrid word for a plug on my blog. Sounded (or at least read) better than "Plog".

I'm inviting my regular visitors and my passer-bys to tune into 590AM WMBS on your drive home from work on Thursday for a roundtable NFL Preview prior to the start of the Steeler pregame.

At 5:15PM, "Saturday Night Sports Talk" host and SmartMoniesClub guru Dutch Wydo, WMBS's Jerome Shell, and I will be giving our rundown of what we expect from the NFL this year, including divisional breakdowns and playoff predictions. We're still hashing out final details, but we may be taking comments via e-mail or instant messenger. There probably won't be time to take calls this go-around as it's essentially an hour for 3 guys to give a preview of 8 NFL divisions...

We also may have a word from Raul Mondesi's House.

Yeah, you're probably used to listening to far more intelligent and entertaining sports talk in Pittsburgh during this time slot, but don't we already know what those guys think by now? ...

And if you can't tune in, you can listen live through the WMBS website.


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