Sunday, July 23, 2006

Trying to figure yinz out...

One of the reasons I decided to start a blog (in addition to trying to get additional visibility as I try to deke and duck my way into the Pittsburgh sports media) was because I started reading some of the other ones available.

However, I'm finding that decent writers and, in my estimation, knowledgable fans, are failing to see what the Pirates have in Matt Capps. Honest Wagner, Pat from "Where have you gone, Andy Van Slyke?", and a few of the people who leave comments on their blog seem to just lump Capps in with the rest of the middle relievers (more on this in a sec). And Jake of the Bucco Blog deems Jose Bautista a failure at CF and campaigns for the return of Chris Duffy. I need a better explanation as to why. Because Pirate triple-A performances have been indicative of major league prowess? Pirate center fielders have ALL fallen way short of Jim Edmonds-esque play, rewinding through Bautista, Nate McClouth, Duffy, Tike Redman... I don't think Bautista has been any worse than what we've seen in the last 13 years.

Back to Capps, he took a beating (relatively speaking) today in Miami and was nearly the losing pitcher, but if I see that single performance used as a "see what I mean?" tactic insofar as using him as trade bait, that will be a completely unfair and keyboard-warrior-level assessment. He's still the only strikethrower on the team (note the winning run was aboard courtesy of a Gonzalez walk). And Craig Wilson left the bases loaded in both the 1st and 3rd innings.

Further, I don't understand why there is this fever to get rid of Sean Casey. This Ryan Shealy, upon whom many Pirate fans are high on, does not jump off the page at me as an offensive player. His average is fair enough, but he looks like he could be had for, say, John Grabow and Humberto Cota (someone else who's clogging up our roster). A right-handed first baseman is probably the last thing the Pirates need right now. Offense has not been as much of a problem this season as has quality pitching.

If we're not bringing quality, major-league ready arms in, I'll be perfectly fine to see Littlefield sit on his thumbs for a change at the trading deadline.


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