Thursday, July 27, 2006

Trade deadline 4 days away...

Cutting to the chase on this:

With so many bloggers and their readers fearing what Pirates general manager Dave Littlefield is going to do, acknowledging that we have naught to offer in order to get good players (unless it's a 2-fer or something) and the abomination that was the Ramirez/Lofton/Simon for Hill/Hernandez/bloody rectum forever to be his legacy, I have one thought to offer.

Do nothing, Dave.

Other GMs are expecting to get something from the Pirates for nothing. By going after ML-ready prospects or a starting pitcher for one of your veterans whose contracts are up after '06, your peers are wondering where the rimshot is when you suggest these things.

Many take the side of "Well, if we don't get someone for Craig Wilson, we're going to get nothing as he signs with another team."

I say, "How is this different?" At least in this case Littlefield shows that he's starting to learn that he's the doormat of the major league GMs (particularly Jim Hendry of the Cubs'). By doing nothing rather than taking what, on paper, will look like trading a $5 for a nickel, he may show that he wants to conduct business rather than run a charity.

Disagree? Good. Tell me about it. And while you're at it, tell me why we want to jettison Sean Casey so badly. I like the lefty in the lineup. Especially one who hits for average (.300 as of 7/27).


In the meantime, yinz can look at my 2006 Pirates preview and laugh. Especially if I told you I thought I was being reasonably pessimistic.


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