Friday, July 07, 2006

Things I learned today:

1) Don Mattingly holds the record for most Grand Slams in a season with 6. Travis Hafner of the Cleveland Indians has 5 Grannies before the All-Star Game

2) Greg Brown has a brother named Charlie.

3) John Wehner regards the 5, 6, and 7-hole hitters as the "bottom of the order". I wouldn't exactly imply that Aaron Rowand, David Dellucci (who turned out to be pinch-hitter Pat Burrell), or David Bell are automatic outs.

Wow. When I learn stuff, I learn stuff.


Good job on the Bucs being able to hang on to a 1-run lead. Although that lead had been 2 runs. Oh, yeah, and 3 runs before that. Good roadblock by Ronny Paulino to deny the Phillies a run, but a couple of wild pitch/passed ball whatevers that let another run eventually come around to score. Still can't help but feeling a sense of doom if the Pirates aren't winning by, like, five in the bottom of the 9th. And even then, I don't get confident until at least one out is recorded.

So, on this, the 88th game of the Pirates season, they notch their 10th win on the road, and 30th overall.

And, unless Paul Maholm completely screws the pooch tomorrow against the Phillies and doesn't escape the 2nd inning, the three youngest members of the Pirates staff will have logged at least 100 innings each. If Zach Duke can go 7 innings and give up 3 runs or fewer, all three will also have an ERA under 5.

Normally, I wouldn't celebrate this last "feat", but considering where these guys were at the outset, it's not that bad.


If you wanna hear the interview I conducted with Ike Taylor (via Telephone) on July 6th, click here.

His call came in with less than a minute before I came in, so I didn't even have a chance to say hi to him off the air. Kinda stumbled around for my first question, but then I think it went rather smoothly from there.


And in case I don't figure it out in the meantime, how you do put a "friends of" portion on your blog? Must give a shoutout to "Mondesi's House" on a more permanent basis. Funny stuff over there. And it's (mostly) only funny because it's true.


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