Thursday, July 13, 2006

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Possibility that the next edition of "Steeltown Sports: Live!" on WMBS may occur on Tuesday, July 25, 2006. I may already have a guest lined up in the form of an athlete's publicist.

If anyone in my small, but loyal fan base knows of anyone I should try to pursue for that show, give me a shout.

All-Star game thoughts: Too bad Freddy Sanchez and Jason Bay went a combined 1-for-5 at the plate. Phil Garner made sure there was a Pirate on the field the entire game at the expense of not getting everyone in. Andruw Jones in the outfield due to Jason Bay's 5-inning presence, and infielders Scott Rolen, Dan Uggla, and Nomar Garciaparra. Thanks, Mr. Garner, for giving Pirate fans a reason to watch the game...kinda makes up for Tony Larussa making sure Jason Bay didn't get in at all. Some good defensive plays by the Pirate duo also.

The All-Star game should still not mean anything. What makes these guys stars? The fans. The fans, throughout baseball, want to see their (sometimes) one guy (unless you live in New York or Boston) get on the field and at the plate at least once. And why is everyone so certain the White Sox are going to repeat?


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