Saturday, July 22, 2006

I hope Dave Littlefield is watching...

First of all, the latest addition to my sarcastically-titled: "I'll Bet He Never Got Picked on in High School". Of course, the "list" to which these "additions" belong does not actually exist in print, but I'll be sure to bring them up at a later date. I just know that Seattle fans (and probably the league at large) have a field day when he blows a save.

Secondly, Kip Wells should have only been charged with 1 earned run today in his 5.2 innings against the Marlins. Bautista's first inning drop in right center was an error that resulted in two of the three runs scored whilst Wells was on the mound. Despite that, Kip's ERA drops almost another run-per-9-innings. Unfortunately, Kipper is on pace to surpass everyone on the Pirate staff for losses by this time next month.

Finally, to the title: I hope Dave Littlefield is watching what's going on in Miami. And I mean by what the Marlins are doing. They cleaned the damn house and are playing above expectations. And how are they rebuilding? They kept Miguel Cabrera as their slugger and Dontrelle Willis as their ace, and brought up a bunch of good young arms around them.

For those who would argue that's what Littlefield is trying to do with Duke, Maholm, and Snell, you also have to look at the 2002 draft. First pick: Bryan Bullington. A guy who most agreed would never amount to more than the fourth, possibly third starter in a rotation, and many local fans said Littlefield's strategy was to be sure he'd never command a large salary. Keep an eye on how much Scott Olson will command in a year or two, or who he will be traded for should the Marlins deal him.

Of course, if D.L. has pretty much been instructed by the folks higher up the ladder that making money takes precedence over building a winner, it's very possible he doesn't care what's going on with the Marlins, who are already light years ahead of where the Pirates are.


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