Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Bucco Rally Falls a Run Short

So, who do you blame? Do you blame the pitching staff for giving the Tigers nine runs, or do you blame the Pirate offense for wetting themselves in the 7th and 9th innings with the tying run both times standing at third (and the go-ahead/winning run also on)?

Or do you take the road less travelled and say: "If the Tigers score only five runs in that game, the Pirates would have found a way to stay at four"?

The Bucs are now 8-24 in 1-run games. Of the 24 losses, seven of them featured the Pirates in a hole of four runs or more at some point in the game. Figuring if the Pirates rallies fell one more run short, their overall record would be the same, but the slim-margin losses would be slightly less depressing to look at.

In other thoughts:

What the hell is wrong with people? You'd think that they'd rather have no team at all rather than one who perennially sucks. This applies to both the Pirates and the Penguins.

Wake up. 'tis better to have a team that does not contend than to root for the Yankees.

The Penguins are finally in a system that features a salary cap. This means, with a competent front office, it's likely that in just a year's time, the Penguins may not actually be eliminated from the post-season early.

Unfortunately, baseball is making too much money right now to have any true incentive to change.

Sure. I want the Nutting Syndicate to sell the team, but only with the stipulation that the club 100% stays in Pittsburgh.

This isn't difficult.


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