Sunday, July 30, 2006

AA assignment for Perez up next?

My title is kind of a backhanded slap, but seriously, Oliver Perez collapsed in a AAA matchup with the Yankees' top farm club, the Columbus Clippers.

Things are worse than expected in O-town. That happens about once every year or two to all but the best major league pitchers, and it's something else when someone comes from the AA level and has a game like that in AAA (sort of like a Landon Jacobson or Mike Connelly). For someone who has pitched and (occasionally) delivered on the Major League stage to have a game like that, especially when it's clear he's got something left to prove to the organization, Ollie seems to have thrown in the towel on his year, at any level.

Meanwhile, the Pirates take on the Giants and try to sweep their first three-game series of the season (not sure why this is such a big deal as the Bucs swept the Brewers in four games earlier this season.

I'll wager that the Pirates take an early lead and blow it late.


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